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At Tropic Selections we are proud to be Caymanian owned and operated online gift/ souvenir store carrying many unique items.

Travelers visit our beautiful breath-taking paradise with amazing sighting to see such as beautiful white sand beaches, delicious Caribbean style dishes, friendly local people a one of a kind experience.

Many visitor are looking for gifts to take back home to remember there trip but, with so many stores sourcing overseas for inventory, it is almost impossible to find truly unique Caymanian crafts on island. So we decided to create a truly special Cayman online gift/ souvenir store. Our mission is to deliver the very best Cayman cultural crafted gifts and souvenir for all travelers visiting the Cayman islands.



Browse from a selection of unique designed t-shirt, hoodies, bags, mugs and more designed by Caymanian artisans. All items are influence by Cayman culture and Heritage made for tourist visiting our island.



Order your favorite items online through safe and secure payment processor, pay by Credit Card or Paypal. No need to be on island to shop for local gifts and souvenirs.



When you get back home your items will be delivered right to your home awaiting for you. Show off your Cayman cultural gifts to your friend, family, co-workers etc...


One Of Kind Experience

The Cayman Island surround by the cool Caribbean sea is of the best traveling spots in the Caribbean for tourist to experience the Caribbean lifestyle.

The Cayman islands is famous around the world for it's luxurious white sand beaches, beautiful scenery, phenomenal diving experience, tasty Caribbean dishes, sunny weather, friendly local people  etc..

There are so many different tourist attraction to see such as, stingray city, hell, botanic park, dolphin cove, turtle farm, Pedro castle and many more destinations to visit.

The Cayman Islands is truly one of a kind special experience, that many people all over to world come to visit each year.

Souvenir Shop Cayman

Tropic Selections Cayman is your online shopping portal bringing you the very best of Cayman's culture. We have a unique selection of t shirts, hats, mugs, jewelry etc... that you won't find anywhere else around the world.

All items are designed and crafted by Caymanian artisan inspired by our local surrounding. Which makes our items truly special, making you feel apart of the Cayman heritage. All gifts are high quality with affordable prices and from time to time we give big discounts and have special promotions.

Click the shop button to go directly to our online store and browse the many different items we have in stock and order what you like!